1000 views and Facebook

Ace added the WordPress application. 4:15pm

When this is posted, according to the WordPress announcement, it will appear in my Facebook profile. It’s still new, so there might be a few bugs or something, but hey, it’s worth trying out! The one little problem with Facebook is that the profile pages are so basic, is anyone really going to be that interested in everything you have in your profile to scroll down and read it all? I’m trying to keep things to a minimum, but my profile is still 2 and a bit scrollbar lengths.

Yesterday saw this blog get over 1000 views, what I can’t quite understand is why the majority of hits go to my R4DS skins page. I know that loads of hits come from people looking for info about the R4DS and I’m glad it’s helpful (which is why I did it), but the last few days have seen a massive influx of views to just that one page. 😕

While I’m here, I’d like to moan a little about Google Toolbar. I decided to add it to Firefox to help get rid of the bookmarks toolbar and have a bit more functionality, so I imported all my Firefox bookmarks… or at least I thought I did. It seems that there are certain ‘bookmarks’ like the ‘Link This’ link for putting sites in your blogroll don’t work, so I still have to go through Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar Folder to use those Javascript type links.

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