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So, what's next…?

I sit here wondering what to do due to already having done everything I want to.

I’ve recently downgraded my PSP, played the emulators and tested an iso/cso which seem to work, but as I’m using DevHook and not custom firmware, I can only go up to 3.01 firmware. I might consider using custom firmware so that I can play some of the later games I have (legal games by the way) as I really only wanted to downgrade to try out emulators and homebrew.

That may seem a bit far fetched and I can imagine the groans of ‘yeah yeah’, but I do actually believe in buying games that I want rather than pirating them, just because I have the resources to download and play pirated games doesn’t mean I do. It’s the same with the Nintendo DS, yes, I have an R4 card and 2GB Micro SD card, that doesn’t automatically mean I use it for illegal activities.

I might try having a go at sorting my Xbox out which b0rk3d when using a dodgy disk to load something in, I should have just left it soft-modded the way it was, but I had to go and try something else… I haven’t bothered even trying to mod the PS2, I don’t see the point since there’s not a lot you can do with it anyway, it’s not like there’s any specific homebrew scene for it anyway and all you can do is play ‘back-up’ games.

I’ve already done the porn thing on pretty much every console except the PS3 which I don’t have any interest in anyway, it was just a clip just to test it out since I don’t actually watch porn, the clip I used could have been anything, it just happened to be porn. Anyway, where do we go from here? It’s a ‘been there, done that’ situation in which I just don’t know what to do next.

It’s good to see so many people looking for info about the R4DS, I didn’t realise it was so popular until I started getting 100’s of views with a peak on June 21st of just over 700. I guess I have WordPress to thank for that with their optimised search bot crawl thingy, it would have taken months for me to get that many views before, which is why I’m sticking with WP as long as possible for people to find my info a lot quicker than if I hosted it elsewhere.

I’ll be making some more R4 skins soon, maybe later today if the weather doesn’t improve…