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My 3.50 PSP Downgraded

I tried the other day to downgrade my PSP with the latest Lumines exploit and couldn’t figure what I was doing wrong, I couldn’t be bothered at the time due to doing other stuff, so I left it until last night.

It really is so simple after watching a YouTube video that takes you through each step, in simple terms…
Get the files necessary from

Please make sure you connect the PSP to it’s power lead/charger and leave it plugged in so there’s a constant power source, the PSP doesn’t like updating with less than 75% power, having it connected to the mains will provide a constant flow of 100% power.

  • Update the PSP to 3.50
  • Backup the PSP folder by transferring it onto your PC, then delete from the mem card*
  • Transfer the PSP folder from the 3.50 downgrader to the PSP
  • Unzip the 1.50 file, rename to UPDATE.PBP and place in the PSPGAMEUPDATE folder of your PSP (you will need to create the UPDATE folder)
  • Disconnect USB and insert Lumines into the PSP, press X to start the game and it will reset. You should now be on 3.50 HEN Firmware.
  • On the PSP menu, go to Game > Memory Stick and at the bottom should be PSP™ Update ver X.YZ, select this and the updating should start, you will need to press X once more when prompted to get things going.

That’s it. Once you’ve clicked X on the OK screen at the end, you will be on 1.50 Firmware and all the homebrewing you’ve wanted to do is all there for the taking and stuff. I’m a total n00b when it comes to PSP homebrewing and whatever, so I won’t be any help if you have any problems, in fact, I’m not sure about how to update to a custom firmware like 3.40 OE or whatever.

What I can tell you is that DGEN 1.6 works rather well (a Mega Drive/Genesis emulator, 1.7 is available, not sure if it works with 1.50 FW) and that it goes in the GAME folder.

{Edit}DGEN 1.7 does work with 1.5 Firmware, I checked the official site.