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Brain Training, the 1st week

So, the brain training, does it really work?

After just the first week, my memory has actually improved slightly, not particularly a major improvement, but it has got better. There are still some tasks that need work such as analysing and thinking, even though my progress is fairly steady and results are ok, I need to improve on them a bit more if I’m to see better all-round results.

I took the back off of my TV yesterday to find it was caked in dust, that would explain the poor performance with it going into auto-standby for no reason at any time it felt like. I had a great session on Colin McRae DiRT which saw me rake in 160 achievement points and make my gamerscore look a tad more respectable, although, I’m still yet to break the 1000 mark, I could probably do it with DiRT.

I’m playing the Forza 2 demo at the moment to get a feel for it before taking the plunge and buying it, just about to test out the 2006 Lexus IS350…

I’m usually more of the arcadey type of driving/racing game fan, but Forza is rather good!