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andrewpf1987, I have your Photobucket

Here I sit at 4:40am again due to me not feeling tired enough to go to bed (considering I slept for 12 hours Saturday night after not getting enough sleep the night before and then spending 6-7 hours outside sorting the garden out, it’s no surprise), so I thought I’d check my email accounts.

As usual, my Budweiser email was full of spam, I think I’m just going to close that account as I don’t think it’s used for anything anyway. On to where it was just another newsletter type thing which goes straight into the trash, then it’s Hotmail’s turn.

On the first account, just some spam about finding a fuckbuddy or something, but then hello, what’s this in my account? Oh look, another email from Photobucket… hold on, I don’t have or have ever had a Photobucket account.

So, I go to Photobucket and request the password for the account, this time I get it (I tried last time, but didn’t get the mail for some reason), it turns out to be someone called andrewpf1987 with a password that really isn’t safe.

Now, he’s been a member since 04/06/2007 (not sure if that’s UK or US date) and uploaded one picture, so it doesn’t seem worth having the account, but alas, I’m posting this in some kind of effort that he or someone that knows him may see it and let him know.

I haven’t hacked into the account, I wouldn’t know the first thing about doing stuff like that, all I have done is requested the password. It’s happened a few times now and seriously people, I could do anything with the accounts my email has been registered with that could get you into serious trouble, the last one to use my email was some idiot called man_man6 on

andrewpf1987, if you want your Photobucket to stay your own, please change the email address and your password to something a little less obvious.