R4, NFS, BB8… in brief

To start, thanks Gerben, I know about the separator and I see your point about the R4 skins looking a little ‘stretched’, I didn’t see the need to use it before as I liked to see the whole picture, but maybe I’ll give it a try… 😉

A new Need for Speed trailer has been released for the upcoming title, Need for Speed Pro Street as well as 5 screenshots. You can see the trailer and screens on the temporary Mental Gamers site here. It appears that Pro Street is the ‘Next Gen’ title that was announced a little while ago, so if you’re on QuakeNet IRC, come to #NFSPS where hopefully people that will be playing the game and/or are interested will be chatting about it.

Big Brother 8 has started and they’re all female contestants (so far), here’s my brief summary of them (in the order they appear on the Channel 4 site):

  • Sam & Amanda, the stick twins, annoying.
  • Carole seems ok, might stir it up a little with her ‘political’ views.
  • Chanelle is nice, a bit too much of a Victoria Beckham wannabe though.
  • Charley seems to be one of those ‘get it while you can’ type of people. At breakfast, she was like an animal in the wild that was feasting like mad, not knowing where the next meal is coming from…
  • Emily, very nice piece of posh totty. Doesn’t seem to be in the same century as the rest of us, but she likes The Sims and that’s good enough for me…
  • Laura, VERY ample breasted Welsh nanny that appears all cutesy, but could probably give a lot more than she can take.
  • Lesley being the oldest of the bunch might seem to not quite fit in just yet, but I think her wisdom may be an asset to the team.
  • Nicky seems nice, but a bit miserable and is going through a man hating phase.
  • Shabnam reminds me too much of Amy Winehouse … I don’t like Amy Winehouse. Also seems to be a bit full of herself, I’ll just wait and laugh when she gets knocked down a peg or 2…
  • Tracey … oh dear … I laughed so much at her, I almost ruptured myself. Should be fun to watch..

And so, until next time…