R4DS v1.09 Kernel update

The kernel for R4DS has been updated to version 1.09 and has the following fixes:

  1. Optimization delete process;
  2. Solve the 0991 issue;
  3. Solve issue to some of the games without displays of icon and the title;
  4. Support master switch of action replay cheat for real-time game (opening cheats by L+R+START+UP, temporarily closing cheats by L+R+START+DOWN);
  5. When cheats to the same game are in both the official database and the users database, users can choose to use the cheat in any database;
  6. Solve the 1070 archiving issue;
  7. Solve the 1085 issue;
  8. Update Cheat code editor v1.01;
  9. Released the list of cheats.

The list of cheats can be found on the R4DS site here and you can download the zip file (for those of you that don’t have a way to extract rar files) from my box.net account here). To update, just drag and drop to overwrite the files, but if you have themes on there you want to keep, just copy over the files separately.