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What I ‘Detest’ About Bloggers

I very rarely use the word ‘hate’ as it’s such a strong word and emotion that I consider it only to be used in extreme cases, in fact, I searched through my blog to see if I had ever used the word and it appears in none of my posts… until this one.

Anyone reading this may be thinking, ‘huh, what an ironic idiot saying he hates bloggers on his blog’, no, I don’t hate bloggers in general, that would mean I hate myself (cue emo music).

What I strongly detest .. or even .. yes, hate about some bloggers is when they set their blog to show their posts as Monthly.

Not like normal people that show the last 8, 10, 20 posts on the front page, but a whole months worth that takes a whole lot of bandwidth sapping, CPU intensive, RAM eating time to load up.

You can see the scrollbar becoming smaller and smaller until it’s around 2 pixels thick at the top, you hear your CPU crunching away as it churns out the processes, your RAM depleting rapidly as it tries to cope with the immense amount of content from innocent little smilies to whopping great images and YouTube videos…

Who do they think is going to sit there and read through all that crap?

And which kind of bloggers are mainly to blame for this? This is not a dig at the service as it’s not their fault, Blogspot (Blogger) bloggers. Is it too much for them to go into the settings and change it to something more respectable? Here, this is where you change it…

Blogger Settings

Please, use some common sense and don’t think you need to show every single post on the front page, it’s not more convenient, it’s more likely to have people click away due to the time it takes for the blog to load up through laziness of the blogger to change a simple setting.