Kinga, not such a minger now!

KingaWow! What a difference! From the plump sex-crazed minger from Big Brother back in 2005, to slender babe inFake-boobed minger March 2007 and she even ran in the London Marathon.

Anyone that watched the 2005 Big Brother (BB6) will remember the ‘bottle incident’ and that she seemed to constantly get her tits out for no reason, but although she was ‘fun and bubbly’, it didn’t really impress anyone. I must admit though, she has a very nice pair of breasts (to put it politely 😉 ) and with her new look, she could really get somewhere.

Unlike gobby Goody who’s career has gone down the drain and has even started asking for jobs. What is with her getting bigger boobs? How is that going to help her career? Instead of wasting money on enhancing her already ample breasts, I think she should have aimed a little higher and did something about that monstrosity known as her face.

Oi Jade, you’ve got a verruca on… oh, it is your face…