TV, where art thou?

So, Heroes returns tomorrow after being away for about 2 months, don’t the US networks realise that leaving long breaks between episodes affects viewing figures? People that were giving programs a chance to see if they could like them are left stranded and are less likely to return to watching something after long breaks and that’s why I think so many potentially good programs get cancelled.

Family Guy and American Dad still have another week before we get a new episode of that, but with animated series’, there doesn’t need to be a new episode every week as they’re usually spread out, in the UK anyway. Medium is also back after a couple of weeks away this Wednesday and Bones is set to show on May 2nd due to the VTU shootings and the episode that was to be shown features a body being found on a campus, whoops! That’s not so bad for us in the UK as we’re around 4 episodes behind anyway.

Standoff was thought to be cancelled due to its brief 10 or 11 episode appearance and the disappeared without warning, now it appears to be returning on June 8th with all-new episodes… well, they’d have to be all-new since it’s been so long… I’m not even sure that they showed all of the episodes on Sky One. Cold Case is another program I’ve become a bit of an avid watcher of since the 4th season started not too long ago and as it was on after Bones, I’ve watched every episode so far. Although there’s an older episode on after the latest one, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to put the series on DVD as I know there are people that would buy it, you’d think they would start releasing them on DVD since it’s in its 4th season.