Jack Thompson finally pWn3d?!

This is certainly a day to mark on your calendar. As I was just looking on DCEmu, I saw a piece of news that Jack Thompson has finally LOST.

Take Two has reached an agreement with Jack Thompson which will restrict the crusading lawyer from suing the publisher’s games.

Take Two brought a pre-emptive lawsuit against Thompson last month to stop the lawyer from declaring Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2 a public nuisance.

According to a report on GamePolitics, Thompson has agreed he will not sue or threaten to restrict sales or distribution of future Take Two titles. The outspoken lawyer will also restrict communication with Take Two via the publisher’s legal team.

In return, Take Two has dropped two lawsuits against Thompson, including one over contempt of court during a case built around controversial title Bully.

Oh glory days! It’s about time the jumped up idiot finally had something go against him. I have no sympathy for the man, he has made himself a public enemy and has caused nothing but grief, especially making dumbass accusations about the recent Virginia shootings being down to videogames. It’s about time he shut up and tried looking for cold hard facts instead of making idiotic assumptions and that can go for thicko Dr “Ph41l” Phil who knows even less about WTF he’s talking about.