This week, I ‘aaave been mostly playin’…

Well, another boring week goes by and to pass the time away, I’ve actually tidied up my room a bit and now it’s possible to walk in and come straight to the desk. If you’ve seen the Harvey Birdman episode where X the Eliminator redesigns Birdmans office, it was similiar to that. No more squeezing through and having to turn your body just to get to the desk, now I have a bee-line from the door to the chair and nothing to impede my progress.

I had an old 3 CD stereo that was taking up the space that should have been filled by the other hi-fi that was given to me ages ago and that I wanted to use due to it having a record player and me wanting to play some old vinyls. So, I’ve put the old one in my daughters bedroom for them both to have music while they play (daughter No.2’s bedroom is too small, so they play in the bigger room) and I’ve been able to play a couple of records that I haven’t listened to in years.

In terms of gaming, I was sent Saints Row for the Xbox 360 last Friday (Aug 25th) which is a bloody good game, well worth checking out, my review was put up on Mental Gamers when it was allowed. There was an embargo in place that meant reviews couldn’t be put up before Monday 28th or was it Tuesday 29th as mentioned in the email? To save confusion and possible breaking of embargo, I put it up on Tuesday after playing it for an extra day and able to give a proper opinion about it.

I’ve been playing Burnout 3 again for the last couple of days due to an update of the Xbox 360’s backwards compatibility (details of which can be found on the ‘Xbox 360 Info’ page of the main site). I should really bring myself to getting a controller S for the Xbox, I’ve been using the original Xbox controller since, well, having the Xbox and I’ve stuck with the original bulk of a controller. I’ve found that the X360 controller being nice and small and more comfortable was better for playing NFSU2 with and is also better with Burnout 3, so I’m on the look out for a decently priced controller S for the Xbox.

Well, that’s it from me for now, time to look around to see what else needs doing and if I can be arsed to do them, to be honest though, I’m just gonna go play some more Burnout 3 and I’ll probably get round to doing other stuff later…

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