I won an internets

Well well well, the internets are on me! Ok, maybe not, but due to the cable guys having to pfaf us about with one guy cutting a piece of cable, then claiming it to have been “chewed” and therefore, requiring them to ‘repull’ new cables, I get a free month of internets.

Anyway, besides that, I treated myself to a PS2 stand for my slimline PS2. I wasn’t going to bother as I thought it wouldn’t really save that much space, but meh, it was £3.99 in an Argos sale, so why not?! To see it in action, just click the image on the right there and check out that, erm, lighting, erm, stand action…

So, that’s me for today, nice to have a bit of good luck for a change. Mind you, the weather has been shitty all day and now it’s pretty humid, a pox on the weather I say!!