The wacky world of the intarweb

It’s Sunday, I’m bored and so decided to see what silly pictures I can find on Google by searching for ‘nudist’ with Safe Search on.

There are some usual pics of naked men and ladies doing various activities, then I find a site of a Nice Jewish Psychic of whom is also a nudist, apparently.

It seems that any single guys reading this are in luck, she’s single and you can check out her Nudist Personal Ad to get more details, rather you than me.

Remember though, if you endeavour to do this search for yourself (and there’s no harm in doing so just for fun), if you’re not into ‘hirsute’ or ‘hairy’ women (unshaven havens), then most of the pics won’t be to your taste.

Women who are naturists tend to be more ‘natural’ in their appearance, so if you prefer your women to be trimmed or even have a brazilian, you won’t find many. Now, most nudist sites will just feature the usual stuff, nudity of course, details of nudist camps and holiday resorts, etc etc.

What information this site (link removed) is supposed to be offering people that are interested in the naturist life, I’m not so sure.

It appears to be a bit more than just about ‘nudists’ and ‘naturism’ and is really a disguised porn site that is accessible by people that want to look at nude women/men, but not full blown (excuse the pun) porn.

Well, I’ll leave you to your browsing as I’m off to try and forget about the ‘Nice Jewish Psychic’, Oy Vey, my life already…

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