Stardate 56.8.9489.237 and a half

These are the voyages of the starship aceman, bodly going… to post a new entry seeing as I haven’t done one for a while. This one isn’t really any better… seemed a bit slow with the recently played list, then again, there are 1000’s of others using the same thing on their blogs/sites/whatever too.

Got a new site up, not too much on there at the moment, but it’s a mini-site dedicated to Sensible Soccer 2006 that can be found (not there anymore). Why? Well, because it’s a game I’ll be getting and will also have quite a big following due to footy fans, SWOS fans and footy gaming fans. What’s also fairly impressive is the fact it works in both IE and Firefox properly, with the transparency being transparent in both browsers as it should be.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, time to see if I can get some decent news up on the MG site and if not, I really must get back to playing The Da Vinci Code, it’s not too impressive so far…