Do You Dare Be The Man Without Fear?

It’s quite a coincidence that I linked to an old Marvel Heroes post featuring Daredevil on Twitter recently due to the new Netflix series launching last Friday. Now you can dress as the “Man Without Fear” in the MMO.

Without spoiling the Netflix series for anyone, as you probably guess, the first season is mostly an origin story of how he becomes ‘Daredevil’. Before he actually gains any proper recognition, he’s simply known as just another vigilante who dresses in black and has a black mask.

If Daredevil is your hero of choice and you would like to dress in Matt Murdoch’s “work in progress” first costume, as depicted in Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #4 (1993), you now have that option.

You also have a choice of how you want to play Marvel Heroes. Visit the official website and register your details, then download the client for you to install and start playing.

Or if you’re on Steam, you could use that client to download Marvel Heroes which for most people, is a simpler way of doing it as there’s minimal hassle.