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Youda Wanna Farmer Sequel?

Youdagames has announced that Youda Farmer 2 is scheduled for release on December 5th and will be an improvement on every aspect of the initial games features and have over 70 brand new missions.

“The challenge with developing Youda Farmer 2 was to create a new and refreshing experience that fits the expectations of the casual players of today, without losing sight on the Youda Farmer brand. A combination of our own experience and taking into account the comments of the players of the first game, we feel we have accomplished this. We are quite sure people will love this game.”, says Jurriaan van Teunenbroek, COO at Youdagames.

Game info:
In this brand new installment of Youda Farmer the villager’s peace is interrupted by Big Boss.
A real estate tycoon who’s goal is to build skyscrapers, parking garages and highways on your land.
Of course you can’t let this happen so you have to interrupt your vacation and go back to stop the Big Boss.
The renewed intuitive game play and interface let’s you be in control of which products you pick up, where you deliver and what dishes you prepare.
Learn new dishes with the Recipe Book and refine your own tactics to achieve your daily goals. Increase your income by buying property.
Rush through party levels to make huge profits and win a great variety in medals and trophies.
Create ingenious devices like the Potat’o’Pult and the Magneto Balloon to fend off the Big Boss in 6 challenging mini-games.
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