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Use your iPhone to become an office hero

Astro Ape Studios announced Office Heroes, an upcoming social game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that has all the perks of climbing the corporate ladder, without any of the tedious work it requires in real life.
A time and resource management game that puts you in control of a virtual office worker, Office Heroes lets you customize your appearance and wardrobe, and expand your office and the toys within it.
To ascend the ranks of the virtual corporate world – which is much, much less stuffy in Office Heroes universe – players must complete a variety of typical workday tasks, such as: updating your resume, watching movies, shopping online, making copies, blogging, tweeting, playing solitaire, gossiping, and tons of other truly productive activities. Completing tasks earns career points, with which players can use to decorate and expand their dream office.

Office Heroes lets players explore the endless possibilities of their virtual career:

  • Massive customization, including over 200 beautifully crafted customization objects for building and expanding the perfect custom office. Unique customization features also allow players to select “Office Ninja” or “Office Pirate” among the various possible avatars.
  • “Paperclips” – the virtual currency that runs on (you guessed it!) paper clips, allowing players to use their accrued currency to purchase exclusive customized objects their office, as well as the ability to sell back old objects.
  • Social features include the ability to use Facebook Connect to invite friends, visit their offices, and help friends with their tasks. Players can post game updates on friends’ Facebook walls to share their promotions and achievements on their Facebook news feed!

“Office Heroes turns normally mundane tasks like fighting spam and sending faxes into a fun and rewarding game,” said William Fong, co-founder of Astro Ape Studios. “Unlike your stagnating real-world career, in Office Heroes you’ll be lounging in your posh corner office in no time – just in time for the new season of Mad Men.”

Office Heroes will be available for free in the App Store this month.