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An example of a chocobo from Final Fantasy X.
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Fans of Final Fantasy will be pleased to know (if they aren’t playing already) that Final Fantasy has hit Facebook with a couple of RPG‘s.
Square Enix has launched beta’s of Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals which are both free to play… although, I don’t think anyone actually charges fees to play games on Facebook and if they do, well it’s a big rip off and undeserving of attention since all Facebook games should be free, if you’re paying to play something on there (other than being stupid enough to buy ‘credits’), stop and/or ask for your money back.

Antony Douglas, Sales Director Digital ofSquare Enix Ltd. comments, “We’re pleased to be supporting social gaming with these two exciting new Facebook games that offer very different but fun and friendly experiences. Both titles encourage socialising and adventure and boast a wide variety of content to keep players entertained.”

Chocobo’s Crystal Tower is a free-to-play RPG starring the popular FINAL FANTASY® Chocobo characters. Players must raise and breed Chocobo on a ranch, and give their pets plenty of affection with feeding, grooming and snacks. The goal, through generations of breeding, is to rear a strong enough Chocobo to protect the peace and then send the brave Chocobo on adventures at various Towers that have appeared across the world.
By embarking on adventures in Towers, Chocobo’s will encounter monsters, defeating them rewards the player with Gil (currency for the in-game shops) and the chance to get other treasures that cannot be purchased in shops. Gil can be used for customising your Chocobo with a variety of hats and different clothing; you can even redesign the look of your ranch.
Being a social game you are also rewarded for looking after another player’s Chocobo and sending other players gifts. Exchange lucky feathers to promote friendship and even propose mating between your Chocobo and another player’s.
Knights of the Crystals is an RPG where you challenge or cooperate with friends to quests in order to earn gold and treasures. Players can level up their heroes as they fight against enemies. A variety of different jobs for your hero are available and waiting to be mastered as you delve deeper into the adventure. Changing jobs grants a range of new special abilities that can be used in battles such as more powerful attacks or for earning a greater amount of treasure.
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