DS Gets New Slots

Monday November 8th will see the release of Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine from Gamelion on DSiWare for just 200 DSi Points.

Game info and features:

Image via CrunchBase

Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine is a new casino game from Gamelion, placing slot machine gaming and gambling experience on the Nintendo DSi device. One can try his luck playing on three slot machines: Hawaiian, Aztec Treasure and Mexican Heat. The one-armed bandits in “Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine” are not only uniquely themed with tunes and graphics, but also have different special table features: the number of reels, extra buttons, winning sequences and custom bets.
Player character ends his trip around the world in Vegas and bets the remainder of the small fortune he inherited. Will you acquire more luxury goods like jewelry, a bike or your own jet?! Or maybe you’ll lose everything you own?

  • Unique Slot Machines – Three carefully designed and uniquely themed slot machines are available – Hawaiian, Aztec Treasure and Mexican Heat. Each offers not only different features and bets, but also colorful graphics, exceptional music and sound effects.
  • Standard Machine Features – Slot machines in Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine are accurately reproduced. All real-life machines’ specifics are implemented – credits betting, 3 to 5 spinning reels, different winnings depending on a given sequence multiplier.
  • Special Machine Features – Slot machines vary also in special features offered. One can find Hold buttons, to stop reels spinning on the next spin, Risk button to double or lose his last winning or Play Lines to be bet and multiple winnings.
  • Character Possessions – Player character became rich very recently and, after the trip around the world, he decides to risk the little money he has left on slot machines in Vegas. Player’s goal is to not end up penniless. If something goes wrong, he can always sell his luxury possessions to earn more money to play with. If he’s very lucky, other luxury goods can be acquired in the game – jewelry, a bike or even an own jet!

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