Razer THX Audio for All

Razer THX Spatial Audio is another entry into making specific audio available to all, instead of just the companies own products, but as usual, there’s a price.

Like, an actual price. The app is available from the Razer website;

£9.99 GBP / $9.99 USD / 12.49€ on upgrade from 7.1 Surround
£19.99 GBP / $19.99 USD / 24.99€ standard purchase

Together with THX, we have developed an immersive audio solution that addresses the core gamers’ needs – dynamic and accurate positional audio, we’ve achieved this by drawing on THX’s cinematic audio expertise, then adding a wide range of customization tools, to fine tune and personalize the listener’s soundscape.

said Alvin Cheung, senior vice president of Razer’s peripherals business unit.

The Razer THX Spatial Audio App for Windows 10 has been designed to work with all types and brands of headphones and earbuds, bringing the THX Spatial Audio experience to as many users as possible. Compatible with analogue 3.5mm headsets, USB and Bluetooth headphones, anyone can now upgrade their virtual 5.1, 7.1 or stereo audio experience with the Razer THX Spatial Audio App.

The Razer THX Spatial Audio App will also include an accompanying widget accessible via the Windows Game Bar for Windows 10 (Win + G) shortly after release, allowing for quick access to core features such as switching EQ profiles on the fly.


  • Superior Positional Accuracy from all sources: With sound that goes beyond 7.1 for more precise positional localization
  • THX tuned: Creating a lifelike, realistic cinematic-quality sound stage
  • Surround Sound Calibration: Providing the most accurate positional audio, based upon on personalized hearing preferences
  • EQ Customization and THX Pre-sets: Whether the listener prefers deeper bass or more clarity, the app can be balanced with mid, high and low frequencies
  • 3.5mm, Bluetooth and USB Compatible

To find out more and to make a purchase, visit www.razer.com.

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