Les botteurs de cul

The what now? That roughly translates as ‘The kickers of ass’ or as the game is properly known as, The Asskickers which is from French developer AGŌ Games who would want you to think that white-collars are a threat to humanity, or something.

Beat 'em ups, such as Streets of Rage 2The Asskickers pays homage to the classic 2D beat-em-ups of the 90’s like Streets of Rage of which the second game is an all-time classic and can be found on the SEGA Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection… anyway, the question AGŌ Games are asking is who do you think should be given a good kicking and as previously mentioned, some new “white-collar” menace of which, judging by what ‘white-collar’ usually means, are those fat cats and market traders ala stock market brokers and suchlike.
Par exemple:

  • virresponsible traders who have destroyed jobs, pension plans and homes by losing billions in shady business deals
  • greedy managers who played blind to these practices and who tried to hide the reality of the situation and its consequences from their clients
  • crooked politicians who pretend to serve the greater good while supporting the massive lobbies which financed their campaigns
  • Daddy’s little boys and girls who think that their social status and parents’ connections give them the right to do anything they like

Not quite sure what ‘virresponsible’ means, unless it was a typo.

So, yeah, if you want to check out more about The Asskickers, visiter www.the-asskickers.com.

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