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Treasure Box, a Problem with Trovo

Treasure Box, a problem with Trovo has become a bit of a ‘pay-to-win’ fiasco. Here are some thoughts and opinions which aren’t an attack on anyone in particular.

Not sure how to say this without sounding xenophobic and I apologize in advance for any offense my opinion may cause, but it’s because of where most of the viewership are from that make/made Treasure Box’s a problem.

Treasure Box on TrovoAgain, I don’t mean to offend/throw shade/hate, just my observation from a similar situation of what I saw happening on Dlive a couple of years ago.

When Lino was a thing (Dlive’s cryptocurrency), the majority of ‘viewers’ were from countries like Russia and Turkey who weren’t interested in the stream or streamer, but money.

This led to fake viewership and interaction. For the viewer to potentially earn more of a share of the Lino which the streamer had put into a chest, they had to chat.

The problem with that was the accounts who were only interested in money didn’t actually say anything and would just post things like;

[money_grabber01] …
[money_grabber02] ..
[money_grabber03] …….
[money_grabber04] …

and so on. They didn’t care about the stream and were most likely in five other streams to farm those too.

This is what was happening on Trovo, people didn’t care which stream they ‘watched’, they would enter the Treasure Box Elixir giveaway, some with multiple accounts and then pay that Elixir to their main account of which they could cash out.

There are a couple of people who were very vocal about the situation in Trovo’s Discord server, which finally prompted staff to post the following announcement:

Hello @everyone !

We’d like to take a moment to cover a topic that many of you have been providing feedback on, the new Treasure Box feature. The team has been churning out features over the past year, can’t believe Trovo is almost one. Our goal has been to provide every feature you could possibly want out of a streaming platform, as both a Streamer and a Viewer, as quickly as possible.

One of the requests we often received from Streamers was a way to easily host giveaways in their channel for their dedicated community members. We also felt this was a necessity and created the Treasure Box feature. Over the past few weeks we’ve received many comments about the feature ranging from how great it is to community concerns stating it is making Trovo “pay to win” in a way.

We want to not only thank everyone in the community for reaching out to us about this feature so we could look deeper into its impact, but also to apologize.

Trovo is built on a foundation that anyone, regardless of where you are in the world or how far into a streaming career you, can come to Trovo, build a community and succeed. We fully understand now that the Treasure Box feature in its current state does not fit those morals. We see that it does in fact give unfair advantages for those striving to be in the Trovo 500 program and gives many benefits for using the feature outside of its original purpose.

We also have become aware that the Treasure Box leaderboard and many of the other systems associated with this feature have created some unintended consequences. There has been a rise in viewers on Trovo going to streams with the sole purpose of winning giveaways, viewing content that does not interest them and taking away from the experience for both the Streamer and their viewers.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be working on changes to the Treasure Box so that it serves its intended purpose, an easy way for Streamers to provide rewards for their amazing and dedicated community members. While some of these adjustments may take a bit of time, we’re releasing immediately a limit on the amount of Treasure Boxes a Streamer is allowed to create each day. As we have more news about additional changes, we’ll be sure to keep everyone informed as soon as we’re able to. We’ll be reaching out to some of you directly that have provided us with feedback to ensure we make the correct adjustments.

We want to again assure everyone that the sole purpose behind the development of the Treasure Box is to give Streamers an easier way to reward their dedicated community members. We understand the Treasure Box in its current state has made many upset and we’d like to again apologize for any emotional impact that we’ve had on you. We never want to create an environment that seems “pay to win”.

We love Trovo and are proud to have such a diverse community that has come together over a passion for video games. We will always take the feedback from you seriously and want to thank you again for providing constructive feedback on the feature so that we can understand the desires of the Trovo community. We will always strive to be a platform that anyone from anywhere in the world can come to and feel like they have the same opportunities as everyone around them. We will always strive to be inclusive and caring to all of our members. Without any of you, there is no Trovo.


The Trovo Team.

It seems they’ve realised the impact Treasure Box’s have had and want to address it, which is a good thing if they don’t want to see the platform start dying out like Dlive.

In the long term, it will only hurt the platform and its streamers. It’s mainly a mobile-only-focused platform, which already makes it a little harder for PC and console streamers to get noticed and so seems less attractive of a place to stream if you don’t play mobile games.

Another thing is that English is the growing language on there. You’ll find lots of Spanish and Serbian streamers, which I’m not saying is a bad thing, but you’ll find many of the English speaking streamers will have a lower view count.

LtZonda is doing his best to get people to stream on Trovo and I can see why, it has the potential to be an amazing platform, but there are still some changes to be made if it’s to become a success and a viable alternative to Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube.

With all that said, I’ve been and am still enjoying streaming on there at, so please feel free to drop in and ask about the platform. I even have referral codes that could earn you extra money.