PDC Coming To Wii and PS3

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Besides rhyming, O-Games has released a couple of trailers for PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour, one for the Wii version and one for the PlayStation 3, they’re basically the same trailer and due to the Wii supposedly being the same resolution, the actual viewable part was very small, and being pretty much the same trailer (just swap the Move controller for a Wiimote), the PS3 one will suffice.

Game info:
The latest iteration in the phenomenally successful franchise has evolved to support the latest developments in motion control gaming and will feature full PlayStation Move motion controller and Wii Motion+ support, in addition to standard PS3 and Xbox 360 control pads – allowing more players more ways of joining the game. Further establishing its heritage as the definitive darts game for fans of the sport, PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour’s in-depth career mode will also support the latest tournaments, including the Grand Slam of Darts, a new fixture in the PDC events calendar. Player View puts you at The Oche in the eyes of a Pro, with gamers being able to control player celebrations. Plus the atmosphere will be further enhanced with an all-new commentary from TV’s ‘Voice of Darts’ Sid Waddell and John Gwynne; top level match referees, Bruce Spendley and Russ Bray; and Master of Ceremonies, John McDonald.
Iiiiiiin one: www.twitter.com/pdcwcdartsptour
Iiiiiiin two: www.facebook.com/PDCWorldChampionshipDartsProTour
Iiiiiiin three: www.og-international.net

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