Are You An Online Business Tycoon?

Business Tycoon OnlineBusiness Tycoon Online is to launch today at 6:30 pm (PST, which is Tuesday 2:30 am GMT) that’s a fun, business based game which puts the players in the shoes of a aspiring entrepreneur, who manage the Company and build their economy to be on top of the Business world.
Lekool are the China based online developers and publishers that are bringing you BTO in the West, so that gamers in the US and Europe can start a business, with the overall goal of becoming a public company and being the wealthiest businessperson in Liberty City (not the GTA one… As far as I know).Features :
Shop-factory integration provides more business experience
There are 4 industries in the game: Entertainment, Catering, Retailing and Services and only one can be chosen by each player.
The 6 classes of staffs shows the players power.
Staffs are the most important partner for strengthening player power. Staffs will be divided into 6 classes and represented by 6 colors. The Most capable staffs is represented in Orange, and then red, purple, blue, green, and white. Those capable staffs will be the reinforcement for sales profit, negotiation and competition. Hiring a super talent is a dream of 600 thousand players.
A smart secretary helps you improve working efficiency
The Smart secretaries can handle all kinds of business fluently, greatly improving your working efficiency. What’s more? All these secretaries are good looking girls, and you can enjoy your life as a boss.
The City Hall provides special right to honorable players
Players can be voted to join the City Hall, in which all members can have part of GM’s power, even close down other players’ shops or guilds. Very cool! However, City Hall members can be impeached if they are not capable.
Various Synthesis System produces expensive personal items
As a successful celebrity, cars, helicopters, honor medals, suits of famous brand become necessary. Come to the Bell Lab and make your own items to show off your identity.
BTO Arena, a combat place you should never miss
In addition there are constant Upgrade to game, making it more feature rich and exciting to players.
If all that sounds rather promising, take a look on

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