Forza 4 Screens Race Into View

Oh God, no I just didn’t.. Regardless of my cringeworthy use of ‘race into view’ to announce the new images recently released by Microsoft for Forza Motorsport 4, some are already saying it could be a GT5 beater.
The fact of whether they’re just fanboys trying to cause a ruckus is irrelevant, each game is/will be brilliant in their own right and due to being exlusive to each current-gen console (the Wii doesn’t really count in this category), both will have their pros and cons and there will be plenty of time see more of Forza 4 as it’s scheduled for a late 2011 release.
[pe2-gallery] Forza401.jpg Forza402.jpg Forza403.jpg Forza404.jpg[/pe2-gallery]