Hornets Sting Birmingham City Women

Birmingham City Women were at Grosvenor Vale today to take on Watford Women in their second meeting of the season, having beaten the Hornets 5-2 at home, but not this time.

Birmingham City Women warming up

The game started off to a fast pace, Watford Women being the more pressing had half a chance within the first minute for the effort to sail over the bar, putting Birmingham City Women on the back foot from the get go.

Blues were gaining more possession, while at the same time giving the ball away with silly loose passes, fortunately Watford were just as loose and allowed Blues to regain control.

Lucy Quinn couldn’t quite find the target in the ninth minute although it did lead to Blues putting on more pressure as they began to look the better team.

There was a slight breakthrough down the center in the twelfth minute as Claudia Walker was getting close to goal, but the ball got away and she suffered a slight injury in the process.

A Blues free kick taken by Christie Harrison-Murray managed to find a player only to be shot across the goal, then in the 23rd minute an attempt from Ellie Mason flew way over the opposing bar.

Minute 25 and another Blues free kick is scooped up by the Hornets and comes to nothing, a few minutes later Charlie Devlin shows some frustration and kicks the ball into the hoardings, earning her a yellow card.

There were calls for a penalty in the Hornets box which from what we understand, were rightful calls, but the referee just pointed to the corner. Not the first time in the game Blues are wronged by bad decisions.

A Watford free kick just before half time in a pretty dangerous place just outside the 18 yard box, luckily not very well taken and goes across goal for a goal kick.

The team line-up before kick off

Second half begins and Blues have made two substitutions; Libby Smith and Jade Moore are brought on to replace Charlie Devlin and Lucy Quinn, which seemed strange as Quinny was playing a good game.

Blues get a corner which Christie Harrison-Murray takes as the designated corner taker to find a head which goes over the bar. A little later in the 53rd minute Cho tries a shot and again, finds its way across the goal.

The 55th minute sees Blues’ best chance from a corner as it drops into the six yard box and a mad scramble ensues, Hornets get behind the ball to deny Blues many attempts and ends up going out for a goal kick.

A minute later another corner lands on Ellie Mason’s head, but not enough control on it and launches across goal over the other side. A couple of minutes after that and the ball hits a Hornets hand right in front of us, referee didn’t see it, out for a corner.

Our view from behind the goal

Then came the moment Watford were making substitutes, I looked over at the dugouts and saw our biggest threat about to come on. Barclays Player of the Month for December 2023, Michelle Agyemang, I sensed it was game over for Blues who were struggling to score.

It didn’t take too long for her to break through our defense and go one-on-one with Lucy Thomas … Goal number one. It was like she was Watford’s secret weapon, an ace up the sleeve.

We get to the 79th minute and she gets another break, another one-on-one, another goal. Carts replaces Cho with Yuri, but the damage is already done and we’re not coming back from that.

A close, but wide shot from Martha Harris in the 85th minute is as close we’re going to get, Blues have had so many chances, but today wasn’t their day for finding the back of the net.

A Watford free kick just outside the 18-yard box from Agyemang forces Thomas to make a save in the 91st minute, but it’s already game over, despite another 5 minutes of stoppage time left.

What can only be described as a complete contrast to our 5-2 home game win, Blues did look the more technical team, but that wasn’t enough and the only card dealt was defeat.

Attendance was 263.