Go on a journey with Opac

Small Cave Games has announced the release of Ophidian Wars: Opac’s Journey , the opening chapter of a new series of games on Xbox Live Indie Games which is now available now in the Indie Games channel of the Xbox 360 Marketplace for just 80 MS Points.
Ever wanted to be a badass ninja-like creature made out of pure shadow? Well you can in Opac’s Journey. It’s you (Opac) trying to reach the surface without falling to your death. Sprint, climb, blast, glide – just don’t fall in to the blackness. Find six unique items to unlock abilities and collect roots to upgrade them. Listen to your ancestors for tips and help solving puzzles.
They’re also running a special contest: How many roots can you find? You’ve got FIVE chances to win 400 Microsoft Points. Visit ophidianwars.blogspot.com for details.

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