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Open Up the WarFlow

The developer of  Business Tycoon Online are due to bring you a new game this week, DOVOgame announced that WarFlow is to launch and will allow fans of city building RTS browser games to play the game that has been polished up for quite a while before going live.
Features are:
Each player will be the owner of a city. There are buildings in the city include barracks that produce soldiers, training ground that recruits and upgrade heroes and war academy that develops technologies. Like other popular RTS games players will unlock more buildings along with the upgrading of Town Center.

WarFlow players can choose to battle NPC or real players. NPC battles are varied in different maps as players upgrade. Players obtain honor from NPC battles, which helps the technology development and hero upgrade. In PvP battles RP will be obtained, will helps players get more silver salary and unlock better heroes.
NPC legions are bosses of engrossing battle map. Players need to form a legion of 4-8 random players to battle together against NPC. Players can also create or join a legion to develop legion technologies and occupy state farms which will bring extra bonus to all legion members. Legions will battle each other for mine or farms. Legion battles should be scheduled by legion president and members will get a notice to login on time and join the battle.
Silver is essential in WarFlow. It can be obtained by levy, which will be available after a period of CD each time. Silver can be used to buy and upgrade equips of heroes, train heroes and buy forage to feed your soldiers. Players can also get extra silver from military rank salary and mine occupation.
Different heroes have different troops. Some may cause high damage and some may better at skill or strategy attacks. Heroes can be trained in training ground and equipped with better items to get higher attributes. Some heroes can be recruited from defeated NPC forces and others as a reward when you reach a certain military rank.
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