Spelunk On Your Xbox 360

Spelunky's title screen.
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Earlier today (7:15am GMT), the @SuperMeatBoy guys on Twitter (or at least, one of them) did a little contest to give away some Steam codes, one of the questions was, “What is Edmunds favorite indie game of all time?” and the answer, Spelunky.
A quick look on the website shows that it’s one of those classic platformers that you can’t go wrong with, full of gameplay and nice, simple graphics. The PC version is mainly like an old 16 bit, 2D affair, but it’s being polished up for the Xbox 360 by getting some lighting effects and shinier characters.

Some of the effects mentioned on the site:

  • Bombs will send shadows bouncing off of the walls, and if, for example, rubble falls into a small lake, it will send ripples dancing across the water’s surface.
  • The soundtrack to be a mix of retro-sounding videogame music and more modern-sounding music utilizing actual instruments.
  • An animation that looked good with 4 frames might take 8 frames to look right, and each frame requires a lot more polish.

With features such as:

  • High-resolution, hand-painted graphics
  • Dynamic lighting, shadows, and other graphical effects like water distortion and reflections
  • Achievements and leaderboards, natch
  • New game modes! (To be announced.)
  • Brand new soundtrack by Phlogiston! (Listen to a sample here.)

Keep up to date with everything as it happens at Spelunky.com where you can also download the PC version for free.

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