Get Lost, In a Shadow

Apparently, loads are picking up the latest and greatest from Hudson, Lost in Shadow which is one of those platformers with a magical flavour to it.

Lost in Shadow is special.  The game is compelling both visually and emotionally, with an original and fun-to-play gameplay mechanic,” said Mike Pepe, Director of Marketing at Hudson Entertainment. “From the beginning, the development team has been committed to experimenting with light and shadow while taking players on an intriguing journey – one that is filled with puzzles and adventure.”

Game info:
Lost in Shadow sets players in an alternative world, poised in front of a mysterious tower.  The tower is filled with moving shadows which at the same time cast a large shadow on everything beneath it.  With the help of a winged sylph known as “Spangle,” players can move lights in the foreground to create new shadowy walkways to previously inaccessible areas.  Unaffected by gravity while traveling through this medieval landscape, the shadow boy solves mysteries and fights off enemies who stand in his way.  The game’s combination of light, shadow, background and foreground creates a unique blend of novel gameplay features, morphing landscapes and artistic visuals.
All the info you could possibly want about the game can be found at

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