'Ey Up, Arc the Lad

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A developer with one of the best company names in the business has announced the release of Arc The Lad III onto the PlayStation Network in the PSOne Classics Store.
For any retro-heads out there, Arc The Lad III was released way back in 1999 for the original PlayStation and became quite the RPG hit, now gamers that have either lost their original disk, broke it, sold it or just have never played it before, now is your chance.

“We have had the pleasure to work closely with GaijinWorks and Victor Ireland on this series and look forward to future cooperation.  And today we’re proud to release the final installment in the Arc Collection trilogy, which is renowned as one of the best RPGs on the PSone computer entertainment gaming system. Today’s gamers with interest in the genre will be stunned at how addictive the gameplay continues to be even after all these years,” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games, Inc.

The game introduces the story of Alec and Lutz, two young boys hoping to become great Hunters and take down the corrupt group known as the Academy. Fans of the series can expect numerous cameo appearances from popular characters in the series, some of them tasked with fighting alongside the game’s protagonist.

“The great thing about Arc the Lad Collection was that the gameplay between the three series shared a common bond, but the experiences were so different.  Now players who missed the series the first time around can finally put that last puzzle piece in their digital RPG collection and experience the great characters and satisfying end to the story arc that Arc the Lad III offers. GaijinWorks has been watching the reception of these titles we’re doing with MonkeyPaw Games and as long as the fanbase is there, we anticipate more import cooperation with MonkeyPaw Games.  Slide us some PSN download love and we’ll make sure to return the favor with more digital gaming goodness,” said Victor Ireland, President of GaiinWorks, LLC.

MonkeyPaw Games (great name) info can be found at www.facebook.com/monkeypawgames, twitter.com/monkeypawgames and www.monkeypawgames.com