Unleash the Devil in Your Pocket

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It may seem like it was only released yesterday, well, it kind of was, but 12 months ago and Eyedip are celebrating Pocket Devil: Hell Yeah! reaching it’s first anniversary.
They released Chapter 15: Happy Helladays along side the launch of the free, ad-supported implementation of the game at the end of last year which put it in the top 20 in free apps, the lite version reached upwards of 35,000 downloads per day over the holidays.

“It’s been great to introduce the free version of Pocket Devil to kick off the new year,” says Steven Fleisher, Co-Founder of Eyedip. “We have a ton of great features in the works and the volume of feedback we’ve received has been invaluable as we build new content.”

The Lite version enables its players to spawn 50 little devils every day with the option to re-spawn additional devils every time they watch a quick, high-quality video ad. Released in mid-December, players of Pocket Devil Lite have already spawned over one million devil minions.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to continue delivering quality updates,” says Jeremy Adelman, Co-Founder of Eyedip. “Pocket Devil has evolved so much since its premier on the App Store and it’s almost taken on a life of its own. Pocket Devil fans, stay tuned. We’ll be adding some pretty sublime, heavenly elements in the near future!”

See the official website at eyedip.com/pocketdevil.