Konami Take You To a Facebook Mall

Image via CrunchBase

This will no doubt appeal mainly to female Facebook users that play endless crap… I mean, enjoy gaming apps and have always wanted to open their own shopping mall.

“Konami has always been at the forefront of interactive entertainment,” said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

“With the release of Frogger and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Challenge already gaining traction among the Facebook community, we felt like we were ready to make another contribution to the social networking site with the release of Viva! Mall. This title is our first major attempt in bringing a full featured Facebook game to market and consumers can expect to hear more announcements on our next Facebook game soon.”

Viva! Mall info:
Viva! Mall is a sim-focused game giving players full control of a shopping mall. From cleaning it, to replenishing inventory and merchandise, players will have the responsibility to maintain the mall in order for it to function and operate efficiently and effectively. From hiring friends to run various shops, to setting advertisements to generate a profit, Viva! Mall will give players a glimpse at what it’s like to have control of an entire shopping mall.
Viva! Mall features incremental content that is added weekly, user-specific friend list(s), and over 100 different stores, decorations, inventory and accessories to purchase. Users will also be able to gift items to friends and conduct daily lotteries and other SNS-specific features allowing them to connect and interact with all of their friends and fellow mall owners online. Viva! Mall will provide fans with an addictive Facebook experience they’ll want to share with their friends-by enlisting them as fellow mall employees and managers.
You’ll have to wait a bit longer to play it, January 14th.