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Realistic Pool Comes To iPhone 4

Due to not being a college/uni graduate with any journalistic qualifications and having an above average basic grasp of the English language, I don’t have the ability to lavish an extensive amount of extra embellishment on what is a relatively small press release, but here goes anyway…
Future Games of London are quite new to the world of Apple product development, with only one other title under their belt, they’re hoping that a second outing onto the App Store will get them firmly into the market.
You may have heard of Hungry Shark which was apparently hugely successful, so much so, FGOL thought they would give it another go by developing a realistic pool game for the iPhone 4 and iPad which has the usual 9-ball, 8-ball US and UK versions, but using ‘ultra realistic physics’ titled Pool Bar.
Chris Dawson, FGOL’s Creative Director said

Pool Bar is exclusive to iPhone 4 and iPad which allows us to take full advantage of its hardware and showcase the power of these amazing devices.
We were inspired by the style of movies like The Hustler and hope that we’ve captured their cool feel.

I’m a pretty big fan of pool games, so a portable/mobile game that boasts such realistic physics would definitely be relative to my interests, but alas, I have no access to any iXxx technology, only Android and I’ve hardly had any Android news to report (from the usual source anyway).
Well, I think I made a fairly decent job of that, all that’s left is to give you the iTunes App Store link for you to check it out.