Who Wants a Free Game?

Sega Mega Drive (PAL version - 1990
If you don’t like free stuff, you’re an idiot. There, I said it, but I get a bit fed up of whingers going on about crap like, “Yeah it’s free, but waah waah bwupple plib” or words to that effect, if you don’t want it, shut up then.
Anyway, onto the freebie, this weekend, Gamersgate are giving away the Mega Drive classic, Gain Ground by SEGA. It may not be the best game in the world and is a retro classic, but it’s free and should give you something to do over the weekend.
From the SEGA Facebook page:
Just go to www.gamersgate.com/sega-giveaway and input the following redemption codes:
Fri. 14 Jan 9:00am to Sat. 9:00am
Sat 15 Jan 9:00am to Sun. 9:00am
Sun. 16 Jan 9:00am to Mon. 9:00am
There you go, it’s as simple as that. Totally free with no strings attached!