Bigpoint Get Armed & Dangerous

Not the game, specifically, but Planet Moon Studios, video game developers and artists that created the game who have all been appointed to Bigpoint’s San Francisco studio.

“Less than a year ago we opened our San Francisco office to better address the unique needs of the North American video game market,” said Heiko Hubertz, CEO and Founder, Bigpoint. “The addition of talented staff from Planet Moon to our team, specifically their experience across many platforms, will bolster our efforts as we continue to expand our business and portfolio of online titles to gamers here and around the world.”

Bigpoint GamesSome company info:
Planet Moon Studios, founded in 1997 by the team from Shiny Entertainment who developed MDK, is best known for a number of critically-acclaimed games, including Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Armed & Dangerous, INFECTED, Smarty Pants, After Burner: Black Falcon, Battle of the Bands, Drawn to Life: the Next Chapter, and the recently released Sims 3: Life Moments for the Wii and Disney’s Tangled on the Wii and DS.

“We were very happy to work with our colleagues and Heiko’s team over the holidays to affect this transition,” said Aaron Loeb, CEO, Planet Moon Studios. “The Planet Moonies joining Bigpoint are world class talents. Together with the existing Bigpoint team, they form a particularly formidable studio.”

Planet Moon’s veteran team hails from many of the most-successful video game companies in the world, including Electronic Arts, Big Fish Games, Microsoft, Lucas Arts, Accolade, Sega, Sierra, id Software, Disney Interactive, and Factor 5.
One of the first titles to come from the newly amalgamated team is Ruined Online.