Ridge Racer Debuts Unbounded Trailer

I never really got into Ridge Racer, in fact, I’ve never owned any of the games although, I remember seeing a rather impressive arcade version which featured a real car that you got into to drive, it was around £2 to play though and I wasn’t that much of a fan to pay that.
Breaking free from all the pussyfooting around tame circuits, politely bumping into rivals’ fenders, RIDGE RACER UNBOUNDED has a new mantra – Drive, Destroy, Dominate – and it’s one that’s going to shake up the racing genre for good. It’s time to break not only the rules, but plenty of cars too. You think you’ve seen crashes? You’ve seen nothing. In RIDGE RACER UNBOUNDED your car is a high-octane wrecking ball.

All updates can be found not on a website, but a Facebook page.

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