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Bash Your Bacon, For Free

Roll up, roll up, come get it while you can! Rasher Basher is an iPhone game, well, I guess you can play it on the iPod touch too… which is free for a limited time for you to enjoy the 60 screens of the full-price game and view enhanced content.
Manchester-based Spaghetti Studios are claiming it’s probably the most challenging game on the iPhone and iPod Touch, if you dare take them up on that claim, then go to the App Store now to download and play it!
You control the trained Earth pig Rasher who needs to save the world from the evil cake and soda loving Wabos.
The Wabos have wrapped a magnetic grid forcefield around the globe and they have sent guardians called Rashoids to guard it.
With a pair of magnetic shoes stolen from the Wabos, Rasher has to gather up the food and drink in order to gain enough energy to turn a host of levers which help to deactivate the electric grid.
Rasher Basher is an original, fun-filled game that is highly addictive and devilishly tricky.
* Simple control method. Rasher automatically moves left and right so use the touch screen to move Rasher up and down.
* 60 amazing gameplay screens
* Loads of collectibles in a race against the clock, avoiding an assortment of nasties.
* Fantastic tunes and storyboard extra