Give Lineage II a High Five

Lineage II Alive
Image by P_r_e_d via Flickr

NCsoft has updated Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne with something called the ‘High Five’ update that apparently “gives gamers what they asked for”, so, whatever you asked for, it should be in the update.
The High Five update brings a new array of skills that players have been seeking including a new hunting system with new buffs, visually enhanced mobs and an assortment of new Grand Olympiad enhancements. Additionally, Lineage II players can look forward more accessible Epic bosses and an improved matching system in hopes of encouraging more people to engage in epic raids and battles as a whole.

More features include:

  • Over 30 new skills
  • 7 new raid bosses
  • 2 revamped hunting zones – one indoor and one outdoor – and a new hunting system
  • A number of Grand Olympiad enhancements including:
    o   New stadiums and visuals
    o   New daily quests and rewards
    o   The number of matches per month are now limited to provide a more fair competition
    o   Olympiad Tokens can now be used on more items at cheaper prices

[pe2-gallery] LineageIIHF01.jpg LineageIIHF02.jpg LineageIIHF03.jpg LineageIIHF04.jpg LineageIIHF05.jpg LineageIIHF06.jpg LineageIIHF07.jpg LineageIIHF08.jpg LineageIIHF09.jpg LineageIIHF10.jpg LineageIIHF11.jpg LineageIIHF12.jpg[/pe2-gallery]
The updated is due for tomorrow, February 15th, more info can be found at

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