Cities in Motion In-depth Interview

Paradox Interactive
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This kind of saves a whole lot of reading by them releasing the interview as a video, Paradox Interactive have released a new video interview with Mariina Hallikainen, CEO at developer Colossal Order Ltd and Producer on Cities in Motion.
Interview video info:
In the five and half minute video, Hallikainen describes some of the key features and gameplay elements that the development team has implemented in to the game including an underground view for the metro system, a first for a transport simulator.

Another area that she says the team has worked hard on is the AI of the citizens that populate the four cities in Cities in Motion. All of them are individuals with names, a job, a place to live and they all have preferences on where they want to travel such as the golf course at the weekend, or going to the stadium to watch the match. The trick for the player is to get to know your citizens to see where they are going and to build your transportation system accordingly.

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