Master Kung Fu with Zombies and Pandas

BIG BAD BRUSH seem to like using all caps for the company name, yet stick to normal type text for their game which sees you fighting it out between zombies and pandas, Kung Fu Master.
Yeah, bet you weren’t expecting that title, kinda threw you completely off guard which is good, because the old bleh vs blah has been done to death and especially with pirates, ninjas, zombies and yes, even pandas, so what makes this game stand out from all the others?

Well, it’s “highly addictive” oh, no… it has Zombies and Pandas and Kung Fu! Hmm, still not selling it is it…

[pe2-gallery] KungFuMaster01.jpg KungFuMaster02.jpg KungFuMaster03.jpg KungFuMaster04.jpg KungFuMaster05.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

The zombies and pandas are up to no good stealing all of the Kung Fu Master’s gold and gems. Show them who’s boss by mastering the bamboo poles and gathering all of Kung Fu Master’s gold and gems back! Be careful though because the zombies and pandas are not too far behind and they are prepared for the ultimate kung fu battle!

  • Highly addictive
  • Beautiful and colorful illustrations
  • Retina Display!
  • Game Center: Master the boards!
  • In-Game highscores
  • Collect gold and gems!
  • Get the highest score!
  • Kung Fu!

If all that sounds rather intruiging to you, feel free to check it out on the iTunes App Store, as long as you have iOS 3.1.3 or later and 7.5MB of free space.