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Pissed Fish Fly

FishCraft is an Xbox Live Indie title from NotPlanA in which cats have apparently eaten friends and family of some fish and now they’re pissed, the fish, that is and you need launch fish at the cats to take them out.
Think Angry Birds, but with fish. Yeah, that’s pretty much the jist of the game, launching fish out of a cannon into structures that collapse and kill the cats… sound familiar?

About the game:
FishCraft features a 7 battle trial mode that allows players to get a taste of the game and the different types of fish that can be used to battle against the cats. Once the game is purchased all 63 unique puzzling battles are unlocked along with 5 unique fish, each with their own special attack abilities including bomber fish and an exploding fishbowl attack. Send in the fish troops and wreak havoc on the cat’s bases.
Become a 3 star general in each battle by perfecting the attack while minimizing fish casualties. The other option – send in all the troops and decimate the foe in glorious fashion. Many players will find it a joy to launch full attacks on the cats and then go back and perfect each battle plan earning the coveted 3 star rank.
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