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Have a Blast with a Pirate

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Zoo Entertainment has released Pirate Blast on the Wii, at least, in the US anyway which is a bit of a change from the norm since it’s not your typical swashbuckling peg-legged type of thing.
To help with your blasting accuracy, a bundled version that includes a Wii Blaster accessory is available so that defeating Captain Greasebeard can be that bit more enjoyable, although, you will pay an extra ten bucks for the experience.

Game info:
In Pirate Blast, players are tasked to defeat Captain Greasebeard and the evil robotic Henchbots determined to take over Vile Isle. The game features eight challenging levels based in various entertaining scenes, including a village, jungle, pirate cove and pirate ships. Swashbuckling gamers must fight against eight different villains as they work their way towards a final battle against Greasebeard himself. Along the way, players can discover bonus rooms and collect stolen booty, such as health kits and special keys to replenish health, to aid them in their quest.
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