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The 3DS Has… Not Been Hacked

A Nintendo DS. Image:NintendoDS Warm
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You may have seen some posts around the internet saying that the latest extra dimensional handheld from Nintendo has been hacked, as any (if any) regular visitors here might know by now, I tend to be rather cynical (and somewhat, sarcastic) about everything, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that, no, it hasn’t been hacked, really.
Ok, so not exactly great pleasure, but let’s debunk it already by saying that the ‘hack’ is just an R4 card with modded DSi firmware that is able to play DS games on the 3DS. It’s like, people are getting their panties in a twist about it being hacked when all it is is just updated R4 firmware enabling DS ROMs to be played, you can’t play illegally downloaded 3DS games, if any are even available yet.

So, before you go fapping yourself into a frenzy, no, the Nintendo 3DS has not been hacked, yet…. properly.