Focus Shifts To New Red River Trailer

Codemasters have released a new video of Operation Flashpoint: Red River called ‘Shifting Focus’ which shows off some more gameplay, but mainly focuses on the narrative behind the game and explains how the Marines must adapt to a rapidly escalating combat situation.
The video shows Marines in Tajikistan as they take on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China in what has become a far more dangerous flashpoint than first imagined after initially embarking on a campaign to quell a destabilising insurgency that threatens American interests.

More info:
The in-game footage demonstrates how the might of the PLA, with vehicles, air support and state of the art weapons, presents a wholly different tactical challenge from insurgent fighters waging war from the shadows. “Now the men pointing the guns and artillery at the Marines have uniforms. They are organised and centralised. The PLA wield undeniable might in Tajikistan.”
Marines are shown engaging the PLA at close quarters, long range and in deadly night battles as they are “confronted by a foe equal in technology but vastly superior in numbers.” The PLA are disciplined, determined and well-equipped. It is not the war the Marines wanted but the war they must fight, and they must reassess and adapt in order to survive.
Release dates: 21st April in Europe and 26th April in North America on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.