Enter Rango's World

Rango: The WORLD is the name of the online multiplayer world that people can go online and play against other likeminded gamers and now a debut trailer is available.

“Rango: The WORLD gives fans of the movie an online destination where they can go beyond the film’s storyline with friends and interact with the characters long after they leave the theater,” said Sam Glassenberg, CEO of Funtactix. “We’ve enjoyed bringing this breathtaking world to the web and creating an online community of fun, hilarity, and self-expression for fans of all ages.”

Jump into Rango: The WORLD to create your own character and join your pals as you set out to explore the dynamic world of the film, including the town of Dirt and its surroundings. Along the way you’ll encounter the colorful characters from the film, embark on quests, compete in games and customize your own personal corner of Dirt. Now it’s your turn to become the hero!

Features Include:

  • Customization – From cowboy hats and vests to boots and spurs, customize your fully-animated character with hundreds of clothing combination options that unlock as you level-up in the WORLD.
  • Meet the Characters – Befriend the colorful citizens of Dirt as they send you into the outskirts on boot-stompin’ mission.
  • Free Access for All – Play for free as long as you want with premium options available for subscribers. No download required.
  • Kid Friendly – Rango: The WORLD is monitored by an experienced staff to create a safe online environment for all ages.

Take a look on www.rangotheworld.com for all the info.