Play With Some Toy Cars

Eclipse Games had to reject the copious amounts of money EA wanted to lavish in their direction in order for them to dull down their latest title, so that Need for Speed Hot Pursuit could get the recognition and reputation it needed, and then they woke up.
Toy Cars is a kind of Micro Machines / Super Sprint kind of thing with more emphasis on Micro Machines due to the way you race across desktops and pool tables and what is most awesome about it is the cost, if you want to buy it on PC, pay anything as long as it’s one dollar ($1 USD) or more or if you prefer it on a console, it can be yours for just 80 MS Points (around 80p).


  • Quick, frantic, crazy races with pocket-size vehicles
  • Surprisingly familiar retro graphic style
  • Full featured 3D physics simulation including a deep vehicle handling
  • 8 different tracks divided in 4 locations and built with everyday objects
  • 9 different cars with unique handling that adds a lot of variety to the driving
  • Compelling Season Mode with a rewarding progression system
  • Up to 4 players split screen multiplayer races
  • Support for the keyboard and the Xbox 360 controllers in the PC version

See for further details.

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