New F1 2010 Dev Diary Lives the Life

Codemasters would like to show gamers how to  ‘be the driver, live the life’ by releasing a fifth developer diary for F1 2010 that shows how that mantra has been transformed into an innovative career mode that takes players closer to the sport than ever before.

“The expectations for the driver playing the game are the same as in real life given your machinery,” said Davidson. “At the end of the day, the teammate that you have is the only direct competition you’ll have through the whole season. There’s a strange balance of having to work together but also this desperate competition. Where it gets a little bit personal is events like qualifying and the race where you’re just out there to beat him, no matter what.”

Said former Formula One driver Anthony Davidson, Technical Consultant on F1 2010.
More info:
As any F1 fan knows, there is more to being a Formula One driver than being the fastest person on the track. To reflect this everything in F1 2010 is experienced from the driver’s perspective, from the paddock to post-race press conference and the team garage. Players will become immersed in the building excitement and drama of a race weekend as they interact with rival drivers, team members, fans and the press which all affect the way the gamer’s career plays out. Drivers can use the media to spur the team on or to criticise the lack of car development and even to pressure rivals in the hope they fold during the Championship run-in.

To deliver the authentic feel of a Grand Prix event, F1 2010 recreates the hustle and bustle of the garage and paddock, complete with motion captured pit crew, race engineers and pit girls. As a race weekend unfolds, the amount of attention the player receives intensifies according to their performance on the circuit. Expectations vary from team to team, and the driver is always under scrutiny from their teammates and the media as in real life.
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