Slam Some Bolts on PSN

Sony Online Entertainment
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Another new release on the PlayStation Network is Slam Bolt Scrappers which is a brawling and building mash-up which is kind of like Rampage, but you have to build before it gets demolished or fight off the opponants.
“As a leading publisher of independent titles, SOE is excited to introduce Slam Bolt Scrappers exclusively to the PlayStation Network,” said Micah Loucks, Senior Producer at Sony Online Entertainment. “Fire Hose Games is a highly-innovative development team and have succeeded in creating a fast-paced, one-of-a-kind gaming experience that casual and hardcore fans will all enjoy.”


  • Devastating weaponry and a high degree of battle variation that provides a deep and satisfying experience with tons of replayability
  • Cooperative campaign where up to four players work together, unlocking new weapons, characters and collectibles along the way
  • Unique gameplay with both button mashing brawling and puzzle-based building that is unlike anything you’ve ever imagined, yet is still easy to pick up and play
  • A wild aesthetic filled with flying heroes, colorful settings and adorable baddies
  • Competitive multiplayer where up to four players can join the fast and frantic brawl, fighting each other or battling deviously intelligent computer controlled AI enemies
  • Campaign and Battle modes that take players from Downtown Slam Bolt City, to icy mountaintops, flying sky cities, and even an end of days Armageddon setting, as they take on flying ninjas, winged baddies and giant bosses
  • Seventeen collectable PlayStation Network trophies and unique challenges that unlock tons of different hats

Not sure of a European release yet, but you can buy it for $14.99 if you’re in the US.